Introducing Filament EBM

All In One Place

Build, train and manage all of your chatbots in a central hub

Enterprise Ready

Built to scale with high-level security on premise or in the cloud

Multi-Bot Solution

Create numerous chatbot solutions for different brands or use cases that can all learn from each other

Filament EBM is designed for organisations with multiple brands, use cases or high volume scenarios. Our platform lets you build, train and manage all of your chatbots from a central hub, providing a global chatbot management layer that facilitates shared management, insight and learnings within your chatbot eco-system. Filament EBM also provides the extra layer of security, control and the flexibility demanded by regulated enterprise businesses.

Some of our chatbot clients

Why Do You Need A Conversational Interface?

Customer Service

Automate responses to FAQs & improve response times

Lead Generation

Automate your sales enquiries and increase upselling

Marketing Engagement

Message the right customer segments at the right time


Onboarding, updating details, purchasing and answering

Knowledge Management

Enable your employees to access your internal knowledge pool


Use AI to make recommendations and surface the most relevant results in chat

Integrates with the world's leading NLU providers

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